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Originally posted by Prin
On the upside, I sold my old snowpants to my bro for $200! Yey! (Just so you know, I didn't rip him off, they were $600 snowpants, the best snowpants ever created ever. They were Haakenpants... Anybody remember Terje Haakenson?? He is a living legend of snowboarding. I figured, I can't squeeze my hiney in them anymore, so I gave them to my skinny vegan bro. Moral of the story: don't buy $600 snowpants at the peak of anorexia... ) So now I'm halfway to having winter tires. Although, I'm a little hesitant to get my tires because we've been getting flurries every day for the past week while I've been waiting for the tires, and I'm worried that if I finally get them on, the flurries will stop

my snow tires were cheaper than your snow pants. I am looking for $20 snow pants so I can walk accross the street and tobaggan down the hill, or go to tube town. I dont ski so we do tube town. You go up a hill that has a rope tow and then you innertube down it, its lots of fun. Especially if you link four or more tubes and you spin all the way down the hill. I dont remember Terje Haakenson but he must be making a killing on snow pants.
Get the tires than you'll have peace of mind and you'll be safer.

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