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Originally Posted by Prin

Puppyluv, have a great trip. We'll be expecting pics. Where is your doggy going while you're gone? How is her ring worm?
Thanks I'll bring back some pics of the beach etc. (not me on the beach, just the beach, and maybe some randomly good-looking people on the beach) It's supposed to be about 24 degrees, so not "oh my good god I think I'm going to melt" hot (which I actually adore) and not "oh my god, I live in Canada" cold. (which I actually hate) A nice compromise I think.
Layla's in the kennel... she loves it there, i spend the week missing her like crazy, and she spends the week playing (she goes into doggy day care during the day, and gets to play with all the working mommy and daddy's doggies). Her ring worm is gone, but it doesn't look that way. The scar was pretty bad (as I mentioned in the whisker thread) and it's going to have to be removed because it's proliferating into a benign tumour. But the vet and I agreed that since it's not urgent, and is really at more of a vanity stage right now, that it should wait until after she gets back from the kennel.
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