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You just have to watch a Heath movie and then you'll understand.:love:

Originally Posted by Joey's mom
But you are such an experienced winter driver you wouldnt need them. If you kept heading south to Florida then you wont need them. Just let all our southern members know you will be stopping in for a visit.
Yeah, I'm an awesome driver , but my current tires are way too bald to get me to school on a wet day so I wouldn't get too far.

On the upside, I sold my old snowpants to my bro for $200! Yey! (Just so you know, I didn't rip him off, they were $600 snowpants, the best snowpants ever created ever. They were Haakenpants... Anybody remember Terje Haakenson?? He is a living legend of snowboarding. I figured, I can't squeeze my hiney in them anymore, so I gave them to my skinny vegan bro. Moral of the story: don't buy $600 snowpants at the peak of anorexia... ) So now I'm halfway to having winter tires. Although, I'm a little hesitant to get my tires because we've been getting flurries every day for the past week while I've been waiting for the tires, and I'm worried that if I finally get them on, the flurries will stop.:sad:

(look out folks, she's talkative tonight! )

Puppyluv, have a great trip. We'll be expecting pics. Where is your doggy going while you're gone? How is her ring worm?
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