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originally posted by puppyluvPuppyluv
Ooo Ooo I do! I do! I leave for Bermuda tomorrow for a week It's my mom's 50th birthday (shhhh I didn't tell you all that ) and my mom and dad left today, and my dad bought my brother and I tickets to meet them there tomorrow and suprise my mom, who thinks that we're stuck in canada
that will be so much fun, I love family holidays to tropical places this is a first for us. Hopefully the grandparents will do some baby sitting for us while we go to the market and to the discoteque oh my got has that word been used since the 70's. I feel like dancing dancing dancing I'm a dancing machine

Kayla originally posted

Matthew McConaughey? Blah, he's all your gals. Heath Ledger on the other hand...
personally I dont really go for long haired men, whats the consensus, I may like Heath if he got a haircut though.

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