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cat meows too much - Answered by N. Kitching

There are a variety of different cat breeds that show their affection by
being very vocal.You may have one of these breeds.

I would also imagine that both of your cats have been spayed or neutered
which will minimize their meowing. You may want take your cats to your vet to have a thorough check up done on both of them to make sure that they don't have any bladder problems which can cause them to meow.

One thought that you might try is to split up the amount of cat food you
serve your cats into smaller portions throughout the day to keep your cat(s) occupied.

Also, there are some splendid cat toys out on the market that you can put
your cat's kibble food into to keep them amused for hours by not only playing with the toy but eating their kibble that tumbles out of
them. One such toy that comes to mind is a buster cube for cats.

I hope this is of some help to you and your family.

Nancy Kitching

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