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I drink but not regularly. We never have booze in the house unless we are having company, or are going somewhere. We do have a bottle of champagne in the fridge, which will probably be there until at least new years.
BMDluver said
If you had a chef come to your house for one evening to cook dinner... what meal would you have the chef make? Mine would be Caesar Salad, Rack of Lamb with grilled vegetables, Fresh mint sauce, garlic mashed potatoes, served with a bottle of Chateau Neuf de Pape, followed by either Cherries Jubilee or Trifle for dessert with a cafe latte then an Amaretto. Of course, the chef also does all the cleanup
now that sounds like my kind of dinner

I think I might skip dessert and have an Irish coffee, or a drink with baileys in it.
Prin said
My chef... Hmmm.. What would he make? Something light and tasty with a crazy, crazy dessert-ooo like REAL tiramisu. (drool) Anybody ever have REAL tiramisu?
I think passed up tiramisu for cheese cake what is it exactly.

my chef would have to make crab cakes for sure and more than just two.

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