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Originally Posted by Luba
I'm actually not sure why any of you are upset that we love our pets enough to have them around us as part of the family. I"m not saying you do not love your pets, but it seems you love them in a different way then we do.
This is where you don't get it... I'm not upset about how YOU look after your animals.. I'm sure they are well loved and cared for... What upsets me is that you specifically told someone with a heathly and happy dog

Originally Posted by Luba
Sure you may love your pets but someone else could love them more and share with them the things they deserve to have, not just look at through a door or a window and wish for!! I wonder if they understand the allergy situation, of it they just figure they're not loved enough to be allowed in the family home.
That upsets me... that an animal lover would suggest depriving a happy animal of it's home a family beacause it is not looked after as you would look after it.

You see your way as right and others wrong (well you came across that way)... I simply see others as different... as long as the animal is happy and healthy I see no problems.