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Originally Posted by amaruq
No way MB was the troll comment directed to was directed to some people who pop in for one nasty post and then bugger off.

I think there are different kinds of ways to love your animals as long as the animal is well cared for and loved. Well cared for means you take the time to play/excercise ......good food and on a daily basis.....when shots or emergencies happen make sure you can take them to the vet. Spay /neuture and be responsible about breeding. I also completely agree with knowing what your getting so your not in for a surprize and decide to dump them later. I 100% believe when you take them in you take them in for life.

Look the animals don't have a voice...I have seen such abuse that it upsets when someone just hits their dog once. Or like what happens quite frequently in our area the litter is dumped in the dumpsters.

Let's just all give them the very best life they all deserve.
Well said... that I totally agree with.