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Originally Posted by mona_b
I think what I'm really trying to say is,I would rather see the "family"dog be just that.Part of the family.Snuggled in at night.Sleeping with the family.Having them lick your face in the morning to get you up.Like mine do..Or have them hog the bed like my guys do...LOL..And we are talking about 2 100lb+ GSD's...I guess that's my defination of a family dog.
Actually I agree with you "my" dog sleeps on her bed next to mine every night and has the run of the house too - or should I say "lay" of the house big lazy thing that she is there is not much run in her any more... what you described is my ideal too... but this is not everyone's. I have seen and owned dogs and cats who are happy and well loved that live in different situations - some of my childhood family dogs only came in to sleep at night or in bad weather in their spot by the door, one didn't come it at all... all were happy and well loved.

I'm not saying you're wrong... just that I'm offended that you think I am for thinking there are other ways to love and care for an animal.

Also wanted to add... that not all pet owners consider these animals as their children and therefore offer them the same as they would a child, and although they love and care for them they treat them as pets.. with "no on the furniture" or "not allowed upstairs, or even in the house" rules... I don't think that makes these people bad owners... nor do I think they should find "parents" for their animals so they can be happier (I don't think they would be).