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Originally Posted by mona_b
K,maybe I worded it wrong....I did not say it was ok for them to be outside 24/7.....The working dogs are outside most of the day.That I already know.My sister has one.And I also stated that she also comes in at night.It was others who stated that their working dogs are the ones who love to stay out all night....It's the others that are talking about "working" farm dogs.Sorry if this isn't making sense..Been popping Tylenol 3's for my head..

As for giving the right breed and type,I don't know any Siberian Husky owners,including my sisters that live outdoors.And these are a breed known for living outdoors.And my sister has 3 of them.Yes their coat is thick,but not that much.And there have been some huskies that they use for the sled team in Alaska that have froze to death.
OH.. ok... now I get what you mean.

Well... lets not even go to dogs freezing to death, if a dog it to live outside they need to be given proper shelter according to climate, which I consider to be an insulated or heated structure depending on climate (for the record horse barns are usually pretty warm in winter because of the large animals body heat - in reference to barn cats). My statement about proper breed and type, is not meant as "all dogs with heavy coats should live out" I believe any dog can live in, but many can also be comfortable, happy, loved and healthy living out. I have a rotti and had a rotti cross.... my rott needs to be made to go outside for the 2 seconds it takes her to pee in cold weather (least she bust from holding it in ) , while the other dog never wanted to come in... he had to though as I didn't have enough room or fencing to leave him out - but if I had the room and let him chose.. he probably would rarely been in - yet he was a happy dog.

My personal belief is that any animal is happiest with a choice for inside or out - pet dorr or the like... but I realize that some owners can't offer that (I can't right now) - some are inside most or all of the time, while others are outside most or all of the time... I think (and have experienced) that animals can be happy in all of those situations. ( To clarify - not to say each animal can flourish is all those situations, rather there are happy animals found in each situation - god I hope that makes sense.)