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Originally Posted by mona_b
I flew off the handle because I heard allergies and outdoor dog.Especially at the age of 3 months..I know many people with allergies that have pets.My step-father being one of them.And they have a cat and a dog.Both indoors.And what I mean by indoors is not that they live their life totally inside.But they don't stay out 24/7...If having a dog live outside because there are allergies,then I would rather the dog be rehomed knowing that it would not have to stay outside 24/7,but to be part of the family "pack" and have it sleep inside at night...And we are not talking about a working farm dog here.This is a Springer Spaniel.
But dogs CAN live happily outside given the right breed and type (ie can grow enough hair to be warm). I have nothing against indoor pets - I have 2. But I've also owned outdoor pets as well... and had barn cats (usually dumped at my parents farm) give birth in the barn -usually in the hay loft, without problems. Usually cats that are outside (especially feral - none of ours were) are less stressed outside and usually will find a warm safe place to give birth.

I don't understand why you think it's ok for working farm dogs to sleep outside and not non working farm dogs... why the difference? - I'm serious here, I'm wondering why that is different to you?