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well nice sox prin did you get them at walmart, opps i mean i didnt mean to hijack the thread or nothin, lol lol lol lol lol.. ..

everything evolves esp our conversations here, you can post that your dog is dragging his bum one day and the next day the same thread covers world events or the stupidity of ones spouse. what i dont get is that someone must have complained big time, i mean its never like the original question does nto get answered or anything, what a wet blanket

does this mean that if prin happens to mention a broken leg in a post about her dog walks, that i am not allowed to inquire about said broken leg?? must i start a new thread to inquire????? or what if its my thread and im happy with the hijacking, can it still go ahead if im happy with it??

or am i jsut a conversational terrorist or smart hiney??

is there to many topics included in this post, did i hijack my own post, 'gulp' now im worried....
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