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Thats your choice RK.. I see you replied to a few posts in the Vets. I just bet you will be back because we all have something to give to each other. I agreed with luba that at 3 months old the pup is too young to be outside. Not to mention dangers but also health wise they are not fully vacinated yet.. I think allot of people agree with that.
I think you took things way too seriously...if you looked at my posts and a few others everyone agrees that there is good in bad in all.
We may not agree with your choices but you didn't need to bring people from another board to stick up for you. It's like an us against them and really doesn't make you look very good on this board. I agree with Bill on this as it looks childish.
I was on a board that I had a disagreement on...It really upset and yes I voiced it hear thinking maybe I was in minority in my way of thinking. But to bring people there to yell and scream :P