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I just want you to know Amaruq, that I am leaving. I came here to enjoy interacting and meeting with fellow Canadian animal lovers. Apparently this is not the case. Maybe you are animal lovers... Okay, I'll give you that. But by the attitudes you have shown me here, you're not the kind of people I'd like to associate with anyway. I noticed before I ever posted anything here that several of you have picked on others before in previous posts. I think you need to realize your way is not the only way, albeit maybe for some animals, but not all. I love all my animals and just because they live outdoors, or in the barn does not mean I love them any less. I actually received a message from someone, who shall remain anonymous, on this board thanking me, and telling me to stick around because they think someone like me is needed around here, as they are sick of the way you people are acting toward some posters. (They did not post in this thread BTW, but they have been around a lot longer than me. They are one of the more "experienced" posters here.) I may stick around to read posts, and pop in the occasional answer to a question, but I will not be seeking advice, nor will I be sharing my achievements that I have with my pets. I have other places I can do that, such as where my friends who backed me up here came from. I never thought that simply stating that allergies sometimes cannot be controlled by medicine, would start a fight like this one.
And in fact, someone did say that I should give up my dog(I don't remember whether it was said to give it to a shelter, but I think that was said as well). I will look through the posts and quote it in a another reply if I can find it... That would have been something that hurt me if I cared what you people think. I don't! I just wanted to share with you that there are other ways, so that maybe you could be more open minded.
I'm sure there are just as many indoor animals that are poorly treated as outdoor ones, but maybe all you ever see are the outdoor ones. I don't think all the animals you deal with come with stories, and I doubt that they told you " I used to be a barn cat" or " I used to be an outdoor dog". Maybe they were indoor animals which someone decided got too big/too ugly/peed too much/barked too much/ whined too much/weren't trainable/etc. Maybe they were thrown out on the street or out into the country and became feral animals because of these people who had them as indoor pets. My last cat, who was also outdoors for the time I had him, was a throw away. He was thrown out of a moving car by somebody... As if that wasn't bad enough, he was tied up in a bag too. I have seen everything out in the country. A lot of it done by city people who decide they no longer want their animals. I've seen kittens run over, tied in bags with a rock or two and drowned, etc. It's not a pretty sight. I saved my last cat. I'm sure he was happy to be with a person who loved him. Although we didn't have a lot of room where we used to live, so I found a better home for him, with someone who rescued animals, and made him a house cat. Although he still prefers to be outside. I don't think you can fairly blame any one group for the abused and mistreated animals out there. But that's just my two cents.
I understand many of you are into rescue, and come across bad cases all the time, some of which are outdoor animals, but that does not mean that all owners which have outdoor or barn animals treat them badly.
If I had a temper, I would have flown off my handle at some of the things you guys said about me and other outdoor owners. A lot of what you said, especially before the other posters showed up, was rude and inconsiderate of you. I'm sorry if I said anything that you did not like, but I don't think I was rude about it. I think that all the people here who have been bashed deserve an apology. I'm sure they won't get it, as I know that would be a terrible thing to some of you... to admit you are not fully right. But it's something that is deserved. I was also very surprised to hear from a friend that posted in favour of outdoor animals that she received "hate mail" from one of you. How low is that??
I'm not stooping to the level of some of you. So I'm out of here. I think it's a loss, as I'd love to meet more people from my area who are pet lovers like myself, but, I'd rather be happy somewhere else. You guys need to get off your pedestals and look around. As my mom always used to say, "Some people need to get up off their pedestals to learn their lessons, others need to fall! " For some reason, I think many of you will have to fall before you learn your lessons. But go ahead... prove me wrong and appologize for the mean and hurtful things you have said to some of the people here, including myself.