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Despite the use by breeders and groomers, I'm still surprised at the use of a dremel tool. They are profesionals at dealing with anamals not power tools.

I've only used a dremel tool on steel and wood products and boy...the chuncks fly off in all directions and hit hard in fact, that it's left scratches on my eye protection. I'd hate to know what could happen to someone/some dog's eye.

The guillitine-type clippers fling clippings around but not at a speed compatible to 30,000 rpm!!!!! It's definitely not enough to blind you or your dog. Plus you can direct the the piece to the floor. With the dremel tool you have no control over which direction anything is going to go. Think about that speed - its like 20-60 times faster than your cordless drill.

Personally, I think the risk far out-weighs any convenience.
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