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Even with the absolute best expert care, newborn baby bunnies almost always die in captivity so they MUST determine the age of they have this idea in mind. Please, please tell them not to take very young baby bunnies - they will only contribute to their death. This would be a human idea that means well but is not just ill considered but a very bad idea.

At about 10 weeks, it is sort of safe to try to rescue a baby bunny - if indeed something has happened to the baby's mother. (Bunnies sold as pets are a whole other issue). In most instances of rabbit rescue, trained rehabilitators work with the bunnies. This is not something one should try without experience, however well meaning one is. Mother rabbits do not spend that much time (like say cats or dogs) and sometimes well meaning folks make the incorrect assumption that babies are orphans. Most of the time, they are being well cared for by their mom.

Why does no one contact a wild life specialist or natural resources about these rabbits or is an organization careing for a colony? Then again, if someone was, they would be spaying and neutering and if there are many babies, obviously, that is not happening.

Wild rabbits tend to be scared easily (hence the term "rabbiting" to describe someone fleeing). They are also very social animals and one alone may not thrive so if someone does want to adopt a wild baby (10 weeks plus!!!) bunny, they will do better with 2-3 rabbits than with one. If they do succed in domesticating the rabbit, rabbits are very smart and very clean and houe trained easily. (Like cats, they will use a litter box)

In all honesty, your co workers would be better advised to get together and organize a schedule to care for this wild colony and if they want a rabbit, to adopt one or more from a rabbit rescue group. Here is a cutie pie who looks a bit like my bunny did.

But please tell them not to disturb any nests!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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