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I have a Fuji FInepix s3000. It's similar to those above. it's 3.2 MP and we printed out 8X10 pics with no problems on our photo printer.

I don't know the specifics of any of those, but make sure they have an "adapter ring" so you can add on lenses, like professional cameramen. the Fuji I have has one, and I installed it and put a haze 1 UV filter on it the first day and haven't taken it off. It protects your lenses, and gives clearer pics outside. I will never buy a new camera without that option again. Also, because we have an adapter ring, we can add on professional zoom lenses to ours which is a nice option.

I hear the cannon S2 IS is amazing, and it was on my list of consideration before we go out Fuji. I tried my mom's of the same one, and was hooked. Her camera was since stolen, and she upgraded to the Fuji S5000. THen my BF's brother got the fuji S5100 which is the newest version of the same camera. THey are AMAZING.
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