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There really are good people out there

When we adopted our dog from a small dog, no-kill rescue agency here in NJ we were told that he had been found abandoned, unkempt, and uncollared on the FDR drive near New York City. Why anyone would leave a helpless dog is beyond me.

But the woman who found him, although she couldn't keep him, she took him in, got him immediately to the vet and paid for him to be examined, neutered, and receive his shots. Then she turned him over to a shelter which fostered him and kept him until a suitable home could be found--OURS !!!!:love:

We can only imagine what the first two years of his life were like--but the last 5 were spent trying to make up for the bad ones. I'm so glad this woman was willing to take the time and spend the money to help poor Joey.
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