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I'm hoping that the woman I got her from, who supposedly ran a "humane society", will get back to me. Not much of a humane society if she thought Lucy was healthy and normal...she has been sick since the day I got brought her home. I can remember the woman saying that if she tested positive for FeLV, to bring her back to her instead of putting her to sleep. This woman is downright against vaccinations, which makes me even more sure that Lucy has one of those highly contagious diseases I mentioned in my previous post. She took in sick cats and according to her, took care of them until they died. She didn't believe in antibiotics either. Lucy was confined to a bathroom, but did occassionally have contact with the other cats in the household. I know she probably had infected cats up there with Lucy, it just makes me mad that she would bring kittens into her house, knowing that she had infectious cats and doesn't believe in vaccinations.

Anyway, I left her a message asking if any of the cats in her house have FIP, Panleukopenia or anything for that matter and hopefully she will call me back!
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