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nail cutting/grinding.

I guess this is sorta a training issue.

I got a dremel tool about a month ago. Since then I have been working really hard to "desensitize" Odin to it so we can grind his nails.

We tried cutting his nails at several places, and on our own, but even the vet couldn't do it on the last try unless he was sedated. He just hates it.

We got them grinded once, and it took us 4 people just to hold him! But it was so much faster, less painfull, and less chance of hitting the quick.

I've been just leaving the dremel out in plain view, touching his nails with it, leaving it on near him, holding it and touching his nails when it's off, everything. I will do it for long or short periods of time, and I use lots of praise and treats when he doesn't get all nippy. As soon as he gets nippy we put it and the treats away.

He last got them done in September and his front dew claws and back deformed toe are starting to get real long, as they don't get short from walking on pavement. The rest aren't as bad yet. I know they are starting to bug him as he is starting to chew them which he does when they are too long.

Any other suggestions? Or are we just going to have to do it by force each time and muzzle him or sedate him?
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