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RK, just to set the record straight....yet again....I didn't say you, specifically, were condemning anyone. I was trying to explain that everyone here should calm down, quit with the pack mentality, and quit barking at each other.
Wayyyy to much reactionary commenting going on here.

Again, it's the internet folks. Relax. You don't know each other, and don't know how anyone on here actually treats their animals. I have seen so many blanket statements in this thread from not both, all sides. I haven't seen just two distinct sides in any of this.

Anyhoo, where's the moderator here? I've heard of this guy Marko, but haven't seen him try and settle things down here. This guy must be like the Maytag repair man, who never has to deal with this kind of crap and ends up sleeping through it when it happens.

This thread should be locked, deleted and forgotten about.
Way too much passive aggression.

Nice job everyone. This thread is the first I've seen that's reminiscent to the hockey message boards with thirteen year olds threatening each other over a "your goalie sucks" comment.