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FIP - feline infectious peritonitis - Answered by Dr. Van Lienden

From what I've read, I'm thinking that Lucy might have FIP (the wet form). Is there any reliable testing that can be done that would indicate FIP? I have found a few good websites on FIP and from what I gather, Lucy has most of the symptoms:fever, anemia, diarrhea, pot belly, upper respiratory infections. Are low white blood cell counts and anemia indicative of any certain disease? The vet thought that the cause of Lucy's anemia was feeding her the chicken which doesn't have iron. She said other than that, she doesn't know what could be causing the anemia...there's no blood in her stools and after all the different antibiotics, she shouldn't have any more parasites. I've been thinking about little Lucy all day and just thought i'd ask you all before I bother the vet again According to the vet, Lucy could have FIP, Panleukopenia or a combination of viral infections. Are FIP and Panleukopenia common?
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