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Actually I need some manure please bring all you got!! I have a very large garden that would benefit!!

BTW my drive by pooping mesg was 'aimed' towards Mona as a joke since she's in my city visiting her dad!

Side note reminds me of a farmer in Nova Scotia where a bank called a loan on him to pay all at once. Naturally he didn't have it, bank was putting pressure on him to pay it all off NOW. There also happened to be a 'new homes' builder trying to buy property in the area (the bank would benefit from several new mortgages if ya follow).

Anyway, the farmer....did I mention farmed PIGS (LOL) as well as crops.

Took his tractor along with his hose feeder (loaded with pig poop) and drove it into town where he plastered the bank in piggie poo!!!

You may say the employees had a *****ty day
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