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I'm still waiting to do my drive by pooping!! Sadie has lots to offer

I think I'm going to move to a very small apartment (since I live in a city) and get a very big dog, a very active dog and a very loud dog.

I am then going to put the three of them on a 5x3 balcony that is 1/2 taken up by stacks of Canadian 24/s and some garbage I never put out cause I'm too lazy.

The neighbours don't complain cause their too stoned/drunk or off doing some illicit activity that involves the criminal element, because thats what us city slickers do LMAOO!

Okay now for the serious stuff, to the individuals who seem to be experiencing techical difficulties with their computers..... bringing them back to this site time and time again even though they hate it..... I suggest you clean your cachet!
Cats only have nine lives because they stole them from dogs!Teehee