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I'm getting a new camera!!!!!!

For Christmas, my fiance and I were going to buy ourselves a dishwasher to make life easier for me! LOL But I have always wanted a really good camera. So I just asked him, if instead of the dishwasher, could we get a camera instead and he said YES!!!! I am so excited!!! I absolutely love taking pictures of my babies, and now with a new camera, I won't waste money on film when the pics turn out crappy!!!!

So, I need any and all tips on what I should look for in my new camera. We are spending about $400.00 give or take a little. I do know I want a digital with the option of having automatic and manual modes. I really don't know alot about pixels and such, so I need some pointers there! LOL

Any suggestions would be great!! I am sooooo excited!!! And I will have it before Christmas!!
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