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I'm not trying to loose my temper here but Bludog you crossed a line!!!!!!!

I have a BC a Dalmation and a Purebred sweetie pie!

I spend hours walking running and hiking with them. I live in the heart of the city.

All of mine were rescues. My BC was the only one to survive out of the litter cause the rest were dumped in a dumpster. The Dal had sat in the pound for a month...her face had been smashed and not repaired...she was extremely ill when we took her in. MY oldest Goldy was in the Humane society as a pup. Sunny the cat was pulled out of a recliner with what looked like an eye missing... we found out later the eyes were so infected she lost her sight. Brandy was a exhibition kitten (Petting farm) She was deaf and the guy didn't want her cause she freaked out.

None of these are designer dogs!!!!!!! I took them cause they needed me and I needed them.

Please if you don't like it here go away.....cause the more you all talk the more I think less of you!