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I had to double-check at the title of the Bulletin Board- Is it pets dot c a or is it narrow-minded pet owners who believe that locking their dogs up in a crate and letting them out for a pee for 30 minutes twice a day is OK?

But then I had to surmise that the reason you joined this BB was to falsely allow you to convince yourselves that your deprivation behavior is ok by finding like-minded people like yourselves!!!

Of course Rescue Kitty doesn't fit in with you all! And I am glad she doesn't!!! I believe the happiest dogs around are dogs who spend a lot of their time outside. By outside I don't mean a stinking balcony or 20X20 pseudo-backyard, I mean open fields, interesting things to look at and do.

I bet lots of you also have those trendy breeds, like Border Collies, Golden Labs, Heelers, Jack Russels etc. These are the high-energy dogs that us farm owners rescue from the pound after you dump them off declaring them untrainable!!!!!!!!!!!! Who in their right mind buys a dog like a Border Collie who is BRED to run for hours a day and convince themselves the dog will like to be confined to a crate while the owner works 12+hours a day?!?!

Why condemn those sane souls who choose to allow dogs to live a happy independent life? There are bad apples everywhere, I personally believe most dogs are underexercised(like their owners) which is the reason for their chewing, jumping, scratching behaviors.

Really, you all fit well together, I hope some other unsuspecting soul doesn't join this warped board and get the crap thrown at them like this woman did.

You all suit one another(except for the ones who cam on this board to enlighten you all!)