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OYE poor LavR... she didn't do anything wrong!!

Her advise is 100% accurate IMHO

Using a crate as a negative reinforcement tool can have very negative effects.

You want your dog to feel safe and secure in their crate. It's supposed to be a comforting place for them to go when they feel vulnerable or threatened or just want to nap on their own. We use crates to keep them in for short periods of time to ensure their safety in not getting into anything harmful when we are not home, and not destroying it either.

Using a negative in conjunction with the crate is a terrible idea. You can risk the dog feeling unsafe and depressed in the crate or fighting to get out or fighting you not to go in AND THAT can cause your dog to turn around and NIP at you!!

For a nipping puppy it's a little different then a nipping dog you have the advantage of time and correction is easier.

IF you get a nip/bite you have to figure out #1 is it play? Or is it serious..leave me along don't bug me stuff with Molly.

When you approach Molly, never do so with your hands open, keep them closed. Dogs do everything with their mouths practically and we do everything with our hands. To them, our hands look like giant mouths coming to attack them with these huge teeth (our fingers) and it can spook your dog... triggering either a fear response or play response.

If you do get a nip you simply say no and turn away like LavR says. Don't give the dog any attention for a moment THEN give her a command to sit and put her in a down stay for a couple minutes without you giving any attention to her.

Sadie sometimes gets a little nippy as herding dogs do (being a collie) and when she's that bonkers I put her in a down stay for atleast 5mins. I keep a leash under the sofa specifically for this. SHe gets clipped to it and the other end I have anchored under the sofa to a large weight she can't pull hahha!

She has enough room to only turn herself around but it calms her down fast. At the end of the 5mins She gets a good girl pat and she's taken off the lead. Sometimes I can now do it without using the lead and she will stay down.

Other times when she is very rambunctious its because shes' overtired and bouncing off the walls. I take her a treat to her crate and put her in for a nap but NEVER for punishment. I know when she needs to sleep but she just wants to play play play like a kid!!

I hope some of this helps out!!

One more thing.. .get her a bone to chew on!!! Not rawhide a real beef bone.
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