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First off,never use the crate as punishment.

When my dogs where pups and where at the mouthing stage,I would re-direct them to one of their toys.I would praise them right away.Here I was teaching them that it is ok for them to chew on their toy and not ok to chew on my hand.Or anyone elses.Same thing if they grabbed a sock or a shoe.I always re-directed them to their toy.Ususally a favorite one.Trons was a ball.Yukon's was his football.I always praised them and gave them a treat.Praise is VERY important.They learn by this.And I had 2 to train.Both GSD's and one that joined the K9 force.

You are not rewarding her for biting.You are re-directing her to what she is allowed to chew on.As dee_petlover stated,she bites,you say ouch,she stops,praise her big time and give her a toy.Like I have said,"praise" is they key thing.

I would suggest obedience classes.You say she has a hard time setteling down.These classes will help.How is she around other dogs?
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