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Wow, the mood is warming up in here. I feel hackles up. I don't think that Melanie was saying that she doesn't believe other peoples methods work. She did say "there is never a right or wrong, just what works and you need to find yours".
Anyhoo, here's my two cents. My theory for most things has always been one of fragmentation. Take the best parts of different theories and make them work for your own personal situation, whatever it may be. Someone said one day it sounds like cherry picking. I explained that when I'm looking for a solution, of course I cherry pick. I want the best, most workable solution.
I've heard of all of the previously mentioned solutions working for different people. When I got Bob, I had dozens of friends telling me what I should do with different situations that arose. Funny thing I noticed was that I kept hearing dozens of different solutions, and frustrated friends when i didn't use their solution right away. I just laughed about it and said I was going to think on it and they would have to be patient until I decided what I was going to do. He's my dog, and I am his owner.