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Okami,we HAD a mouse-problem too,tried many different things,but had to resort to poison :sad:
First though,we found the spot where they gained entry in to the house and plugged it.We could hear them every night running around in the walls,driving the cats bananas.
Then I discovered they'd gotten in to my kitchen-cupboard eaten off my potatoes and that was it!!
My youngest cat(3yrs)caught 3 in the cupboard and spent all his time in there watching.
My cats do not even draw blood on the poor little things,they just like a live toy :sad: But we were always able to catch the terrified mice and put them outside.
We put hard block poison up in the ceiling,where the cats could not get to it.
We are now mouse-free and I regret using poison,but it was the only way,as we all know the mice will have babies by a couple of dozen and I would soon have had a housefull.
I was watching TV one night and a little mouse was running on the floor with Vinnie in persuit.I manage to get him to run outside by opening the patio-doors.
Home Depot has a good selection of pest-control...whatever you do,do not buy the sticky traps!!!
"The cruelest animal is the Human animal"
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