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Holy Moly did I miss one!!!!!!! i seen ear sucking and thought nothing of it cause I had a cat that did it and I thought it was no big deal.

Look there is crappy owners all over. If only you all seen my would cry..I do just about every day.

I lived on a farm. When there too many kittens they are put in a pile and some fool took a shotgun...well enough said. Even pups were the same. I seen where the kittens had been stomped by the was almost cartoonish in the way they were flattened. Pups were wild...they got fed sure...if needed medical help well maybe if we could find them. I hated it all!!!!!!!!!!! I still live with nightmares about those times and those are just the tip of the iceberg.

I'm a vegan...can't stand the thought of eating something I love. I loved playing with the animals..I never understood why it disappeared. (I lived on the farm till I was 11). This is something that grosses me out but by no means does it have to anyone else. I seen too much death in my time...that was enough for me.

My animals are all rescues....each story seems to be worse then the next. my dogs love to play outside but I dare you to knock them off the bed. Better count fingers and toes after. They are dogs and I love the spirit of them (cats too). There is nothing worse then an animal that has had their spirit broken. But remember that cats and dog have been domesticated for thousands of years. Heck even some of the egyptian Mummys have their dogs in the crypts.