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I was wondering where all these people came from all of a sudden and suspected something like this
I am not sure anymore what RK's original question was all about,I think it had to do with her cat having kittens under a piece of sheet-metal,which to me sounded brutal,not even in a barn,but outside in the cold.
Where were all her knowledgable friends when she needed help,why did she have to turn to the Internet
I strongly believe in keeping the cat-population down and since you all spay and neuter yours,you are obviously not part of the problem,you all have happy,healthy,parasitefree cats..good for you.You all have nice warm places provided for your cats/dogs,but RK did not gives the impression that she did.
Also,I resent you knocking people who really do devote their time and money to rescue unwanted animals,many times bringing back to life, cats/dogs on the brink of death because of uncaring morons.
So I say,we all love and care for our animals,be it in different ways.
I also wondered,if you have 10 barn-cats running around chasing mice,how do you know when one is sick?
I know my cats behavior,I know if they are sick needing medical attention and they get it.I was visiting a ranch in Alberta(Pincher Creek)and was horrified at the condition of some of the dogs and cats.
Vet's for barn-cats?that was unheard of,they die,they die,there
were plenty more where they came from.As for the working dogs,when no longer of use to the rancher or hunter,they were shot on the spot.
Well,I hope this is the end of this subject,we'll just agree to disagree,after all Canada is a free country
"The cruelest animal is the Human animal"
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