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pets and mice - rodents and pets - Answered by Dr. Van Lienden

We're having a little mouse problem in our house. All the wild mice are finding ways to get into our house to escape from the cold winter. Normally we would set mouse traps and mouse poison around the house to rid the house of these pests. But we can't and don't because we have birds, dogs and cats. We've tried ultrasonic devices to try and scare the mice away but it doesn't work.
I'm afraid these mice will be carrying all sorts of nasty desieses into our house, I'm epsically concerned about them transferring to one of my pets. Are they contagious to pets?, I have a little kitten and I'm afraid he'll decide to go mouse hunting one day and end up putting a furry ball of desiese in his mouth. What can I do to prevent these desieses?
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