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Please forgive my ignorance, I thought animals were animals be it horses, cats or dogs, as my memory recalls horses have been mentioned numerous times in this thread. Did I perhaps make a point and you are to above it to take note or even acknowledge it was a point well made?

Let's try it this way then, shall we:

Just to add to the 24/7 cat/dog turnout.

I have a 35 year old cat that flat out refuses to go inside. She will plant her feet and will not budge, once she is inside she is very restless and will pace the entire time she is in.

I also have a 9 year old dog who was put inside once...and he came right back out...all by himself, from a dead standstill he jumped the door. He drew blood on his hind legs and gashed himself just above his eye, yes the vet was called, this all happened because he could not stand to be confined.

Both animals have great winter coats, I blanket them on the cold days, they have shelter, water.

Now am I wrong? Should I confine these lovely animals to the great indoors because I don't like being cold therefore they don't like it either? Or should I stall them and have my dog continue to gash himself open and have my cat go into a tizzy? (This of course is a no brainer...for most of us anyway).