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All I can say is - WOW

So, let me get this straight - this is a thread that started out about a cat licking earlobes and it came to this? As much as I would rather not continue this thread, I just have to throw my two cents in here and say OMG!

As great as it is to have new members join, I totally agree with Luba. So, you get all of your friends to join up (all on the same day and each posting within minutes of each other....hmmm, glad that I wasn't the only one who was suspicious of that one) and rant and rave because you have a different opinion? Maybe you think you are expressing yourself but it definitely comes off like an attack. This is a forum for responsible pet owners to share advice, opinions, and support - not a place to blast people because they don't support your views.

The nasty and sarcastic comments that you have been throwing at Mona, Chico, LR, Luba and everyone else who disagrees with you is completely unnecessary, uncalled for, and indicates a definite lack of maturity. Any negative comment that they may have had is clearly a result of concern for the well-being and safety of the animals, not petty meanness. I can't speak for those of you who are all new but I can tell you, as an outside observer who had not participated in this thread, that they dedicate their lives to helping pet owners to care for their animals and protect helpless animals who are unable to do it for themselves. Whether or not you agree with their opinion, the least that you can do is give them the much deserved respect for their efforts.

So there. My two cents.