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I find it absolutely hillarious that someone would tell their friends
'oh come help me on this mesg board' especially if someone is an adult.
This is more teenage behaviour (Mona u relate lol)

I've have had my share of disagreements with people but I don't need a posse to help me make my OWN opinions known.

Rescuekitty if you find the need to have others accept and support you thats your business. From an outside perspective and I know I"m not alone looks so very desperate and pathetic.

Dogs and cats have been forced over the years to be turned domesticated through breeding. You people some how think with your knowledge or lack thereof that you can suddenly undomesticate pets that have been domesticated for hundreds of years (now thousands actually).

It seems to make people 'feel better ' to have others agree with them. Where I could stand alone, stand proud and strong in my beliefs because they are good and fair and just.

There is strength in numbers yes, but simply because others agree does not make it right.

I can walk around a community and find dozens of people who would take either side. I can go through shelters and find hunting dogs lost/dumped/abused and neglected/sick and injured from living outdoors.
I can find cats so full of ticks and fleas they can barely move...again from living outdoors.

I'm happy there are others that agree with me and take the same stand I do, atleast there is some hope for the lovely souls...there are some that love and cherish them enough to have them part of their family.
Cats only have nine lives because they stole them from dogs!Teehee