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Originally Posted by mona_b

As for the comment about going to a shelter.A shelter will NOT let you adopt out an animal,especially if it's a dog that will live outside 24/7....So no,they will not be happy to adopt out to rescuekitty.And that I have seen being done at the shelter.A few people tried to adopt.But when they said the dog was going to live outside,they were denied the adoption.

And I would rather have my dogs alone in the house,then alone outside.
Actually, this isn't completely true. The barn where I keep my horse, has adopted cats to specifically be barn cats. They've even had the SPCA call the owners too ask if they'd be interested in adopting two more! (which they did)
These cats are spayed and neutered and happy as clams. And as for whoever said that the average barn cats lives approx. 5 years, these cats range between 7 and 15 years old, and show no signs of slowing down. They are all fed regularly and have warm places to go should the weather be less than pleasant.

This is a horse barn, and the horses live out for the majority of the day, but they would probably be just as happy being out 24/7. This is not cruel at all, they are some of the fattest happiest horses I have ever seen. I see no difference between livestock and dogs/cats living outdoors, as someone weakly tried to argue.... As long as they are fed, watered, and have shelter and the right physical health and "attributes" (i.e. coat, etc.) to help deal with the elements, they should be fine.

I myself prefer to keep my dogs indoors, because we don't have a fenced yard, and we have neighbours close by. I however have an open - mind, unlike 95% of this BB, and realize that there are many ways to raise animals to be happy and healthy.

I commend those who have come to the aid of RescueKitty, what are we in public school? Do we all need to gang up on one person to make ourselves feel like only we can be right, and therfore everyone else is borderline retarded?

Everyone who seems to think that "our animals can't tell us that they like it outside, therefore they must be kept inside".... REALLY???? What kind of lame - ass arguement is that?? You didn't talk to them did you? did you sit down with them as puppies/kittens, and have a little discussion with them? because I'm pretty sure that they didn't tell you that they wanted to be stuck inside with you either.

Get off your pedestals, and open your minds, it's quite obvious who the city - people are with the "well, I drove past a farm once, so I must know know what it's like to live/work on a farm, and raise farm animals." THERE ARE MANY WAYS TO RAISE AN ANIMAL, YOURS MIGHT NOT BE THE ONLY WAY, so get over yourselves....