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Originally Posted by Green Acres
BlueQueen...LOL....Thanks for giving me the best chuckle I've had all moring! Pet Psychic/I love it!...LOL....Maybe it;s time we moved our operation into the future and see if we can hire one on staff and set up an animal resources center for all our livestock....I can imagine some of the complaints....."they keep using the blue halter when they should KNOW I prefer the red...."....lmao. I'm sorry....I don't let my 2 yar old daughter dictate to me how SHE wants to do things....I think when we get to the point where we give our animals more consideration and personal liberties than our children get that's a bit much isn't it?. Pet Psychic/to funny!
Hahaha..thanks to you too..I love the blue halter/red halter...or here's a good one what about rolling in the mud right after a bath...'but she knows better then I'm going to have to ask her why she did that' LMAO!!!!