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Lucky Rescue, I think it's great that you rescue cats and dogs, and my comments weren't directed at you. I'm sorry for not specifying. I was trying to get my point accross to all the people that don't help/rescue animals, but have such a harsh voice against someone who does and gives them a loving home.
Although I agree with there being many owners that don't "fix" their dogs/cats (which I don't agree with, unless the animal is for breeding) I don't agree with them not practicing safety precautions. We don't need anymore unwanted animals running around in the world getting neglected or abused. I don't think it's fair. I don't however think that RK is one of those "mean" owners. She seems to take great care of her rescued animals, and if they're happy that's all that matters. I rescued a puppy and she prefers to be outside. If she's in she gets anxious and barks and scratches at the door. I don't force her to stay inside or go outside. It's her choice. I have also owned dogs that don't really like going outside except for walks, and doing their business.
Some shelters do let barn people rescue dogs/cats even if they are going to be living outdoors. Not everybody thinks that animals should all live inside.
For those of you I have offended, I'm sorry but I don't think it's fair to be so mean to a loving and caring "mom" just because she does things differently than you. It's like a mom that bottle feeds her baby against a mother who breast feeds. One is slightly better, but you shouldn't look down on someone because of their decision. Oh, and who knows which is better. A bottle feeder will tell you her way, and a breast feeder will tell you different. Just because they're doing things differently doesn't mean that one child is being neglected or not loved does it?