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Originally Posted by mona_b
Hello,I think I know the difference.My aunts cows,chickens,horses and dogs were not raised for meals.They were VERY loved and taken care of.And 2 of my cousins were in 4H at the time.

You people all think these dog/cats have a voice and they tell you they love to be outside 24/7.

Why would I want to slowly bring a dog that was rescued indoors if it was raised outdoors?Because that is me.And I want the dog to be a part of my "pack"..Which is the family.Sorry but there is no difference there...Happy outside?yeah like they really are.That's all they know is to be outside day in and day out.Sorry,there is no difference there.

I tell you,if you tried to adopt a dog here at the shelter/SPCA...YOU will not get that dog if you plan on keeping it outside.They are against it.
You did not say a rescued dog before... you just said a dog that didn't want to live in.... That's just my point - YOU want it to live in... maybe the dog wouldn't given the right outdoor circumstances - most dogs can be convinced to be happy in or out... that doesn't mean they would be any more or less happy in the other situation. All animals have a voice if you choose to listen. Animals are allowed to speak when you give them choices... some will chose to live outside with proper shelter.

As for whether or not an animal is happy outside depends on the animal... how do you know your animals are happy inside? My house cat would love to go outside... she tries to escape all the time - but I can't let her out as the area I'm in has a lot of animals around and we are close to a train tack.... is she happy being in... most of the time, but she would like to go out, but I don't let her for her safety... I know that is best for her, but she doesn't.

I find it hard to believe that the SPCA would not adopt a dog to a farm or country home where the dog would live out with proper shelter, care and love - I'm not talking about the barking Brutus on the 6ft chain attached to a dog house in a back yard... but loving homes.... sad really considering how many from those shelters are destroyed due to over population. I think it is appalling that "animal lovers" would rather put down a healthy dog than have it go to a loving home, just because they have different views... because effectively that's what happens... may not be that particular dog... but every home lost is another shelter dog that dies.