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Dear Gut Busting and Mizz Utopia.............

You know with me it's just one of those things where you find a site that interest you, ie fellow good folks who love their animals etc, and even though you've heard it all time and time again for some strange reason one day it just strikes a wrong cord with you and so you feel like you've got to post...and so I have.

I can have an appreciation for the frustration so many surely go through when they work in rescue programs day in and day utterly depressing it must be to see the problem continue and grow and to know that no matter how hard you work there's no end of it in sight...and so I can understand how easy it is to make generalizations and feel justified in doing so....BUT the fact is adamance is by no means an indicant of fact. You tell us about cats that are rescues.....I'm talking about cats and animals we either own ourselves or that our neighbors do....gee which one of us do you think has a better idea about the animals they speak of in this scenario? You with your "educated" guesswork at how they were raised and have spent their lives or those of us who have lived with and personally witnessed the treatment and condition of the animals we speak of?

Utopia? Hmmm...if the town names out here were so significantly historic that might be a nice name chance to consider as I'll be the first to admit that we really do live in a lil slice of heaven....but there's noway the town councils would ever go for it....LOL. Most of us larger land owners have been here since our families settled here after having traveled in for the gold rush and although we do get a certain amount of tourist our population is primarily comprised of only folks we know and have been family friends for in some cases generations.....sans some of the "greenhorns" that I made mention of before/sheesh they are a mixed bag! As such we pretty much all live in each others back pockets so to speak and as many of us still use horses and dogs, and yes cats too(yep those lil barn gremlins we are in such controversy over/gees/lol), for work as much as for our pleasure I'd say it's fair to assume with living such a different type of life style from most who work in rescue situations that our opinions would logically vary somewhat....BUT you have to understand that you can no more assume how things may look to be in your neck of the woods is the same for all over because to do so without any practical real background experience behind you truly is nothing more than simple ignorance. I'm not so blind that I can't see how situations may be different in the world you live in WHICH is why I'm not telling you how it is everywhere.....just here and what is our local don't you go playing Forest Gump thinking you can tell us how our animals are cared for and be silly enough to assume it won't be commented on. "Utopia" it is not here, and we have our fair share of animal problems which are most commonly involving either wild beast or ferels brought in and dumped from the cities, but for all that no one place is perfect I am happy to embrace the concept of it being a sort of Utopia as it is the best place in the world that I've ever been and shant ever live anyplace else.

Now if we all want to go about with thin skin I suppose I could come back in and spout off about how dare you insult me, and those in living styles like me, by saying I'm a liar...I mean after all if I say how none of our barn cats out here are in the dire straights you say they are, and you insist that those of us who don't see these cats that are supposedly (according to you that is) being so poorly neglected are living in some fantasy world, then one could assume you are essentially stating we are lying....correct? Now the message may have not been intended to come across that way, or it may have...dunno and don't know that I care either way....but the only way for all the tit-for-tat crap to stop will be if people open their minds a bit and can at least grasp the concept that what they personally believe (PERSONALLY BELIEVE) is just that: THEIR PERSONAL BELIEF. You want to substanciate your belief and convince me it's factual then provide me with some kind of tangible proof....and I don't want to hear any clinical stats on how many thousands are put down each year blah blah blah....all that shows is how bad the situation still stands with people refusing to spay and neuter/it has no bearings on specific groups such as barn cats etc. When an animal is dropped off at a shelter anonomously they usually don't come with a diary describing their life story with them/they aren't cabbage patch what's the deal? Do some of these shelters get farmers walking in their front doors every day telling them about how "barn cat" 1001 needs to be put to sleep because they diodn't bother to spay them etc? you have any idea just how nuts you sound when you spout off stuff that's so purely a one sided ignorant hypothesis? You want to be able to speak knowledgably about "barn cats", their lives, their owners, etc then you should have first hand experience with them and a lot of it/don't just go and pick and choose through the mess load of BS cliche's that are out there and think you can piece it all together to try and come off as being someone who knows when you don't. I don't mind a difference in opinions.....but I hate charlotons and shams. Our whole existance out here stems from our want to talk about something you most likely know more about why not lecture me on the pros and cons of blinds versus shades/I am seriously difficient in my knowledge of proper window treatments.....but this crap about how the barn cats are such poorly cared for beast SORRY I can't buy what I know to be horse pucky.