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Luba, I don't know how you are with your friends but we stick up for ours..and like MRBA518 said it doesn't change our views on how we feel. With alot of us being horseback riders we see outside animals ALL the TIME!! Not specifically cats and dogs just animals..what are we all cruel for that??

LuckyRescue, I don't think anybody said ALL barn cats were spayed and neutered obviously I am sure there are quite a few who are not..but in our experiences they are and they are also well taken care off..Just because we take care of our animals different then apparently all of you doesn't mean we're stuck in some utopia on how we view the real world..I think both of you need to get off your high horse and maybe give a little bit more respect to someone JUST because they don't do EXACTLY what you do!

Mona_B I'd really like to know when you started speaking to all dogs and cats of this world..Unfortunately unless you are a pet psychic you have no idea what they like and dislike..and like humans all dogs/cats, or whatever type of animals..are different