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Originally Posted by Luba
I've been gut busting laughing at all the 'new members' who just so happen to show up to support rescue kitty.

Coincidental? Probably not!

Now one of you made reference as to whether or not I ever had non domesticated animals. And as a matter of fact I spent my summers in the countryside of Nova Scotia with chickens, annoying roosters lol, cows, horses, ducks, a couple of goats and even a few pigs to boot.

I should think I know the difference.

Domestication vs non domestication

I can see the difference
can you see the difference?
Well no not much of a coincidence... we all "know" RK from the horses... but that doesn't change my views. I still think that the majority of the posts here to RK were rude, nasty, ignorant and mostly misinformed. I only hope that is not a direct reflection on the people behind the internet handle - but you never know.

That was me mentioning what you consider non domesticated animals... most of which you mentioned were raised for food animals - that's a whole different ball park... I'm referring to large pet animals... ie horses, or anything else you choose to keep as a pet. And if your only experience is having "spend a few summers on a farm" then no - you don't "get it". A horse or pet goat is much different from animals raised on a farm for meat, milk, wool... etc - those animals and their purpose force the owners to not have a close pet relationship with them. Relationships with animals such as horses are as close if not closer than those with dogs and cats - having owned and cared for all of these animals all my life I think I may be in a better position than yourself to "know the difference."