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Originally Posted by LuckyRescue
And the barn cats I've seen were anything but "healthy and happy". They were ridden with parasites, having one litter after another, malnourished, injured from fights and all intact. We have trapped, neutered and treated MANY of them.
Like MRBA518 said obviously if you are working to rescue animals then obviously you are going to see the bad cases. I have ridden for 10+ years and seen my fair share of barn cats..and not one of them was how you described it. They were taken care of as family members, fixed, vaccinations..the whole shibang. And as for your other comment about what dogs 'like' regardless it is QUITE POSSIBLE that they choose to be outside. Maybe your animals don't but some do, and on a farm with lots of room to play around..why not? You raise your animals however the heck you want to and rescuekitty will do the same. She is not doing anything wrong so I don't see why you won't just drop it!!

And Mona_b obviously you didn't read her post properly..her dog is not alone outside, he has the other animals to play with as well as her and her family. And why would you rather keep a dog all cooped up in a house by himself when he can be outside playing around..May as well just stick him in a cage if you're going to do that all day.