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Originally Posted by mona_b
We are not talking about working farm/ranch dogs.
Yes,if a pup is raised ONLY outdoors,then it will not be to happy being indoors.BUT,they can slowly be brought indoors.She kept this dog outside from the age of 3 months.And it is now 10 years old.
Buy why would you want to slowly bring the dog in if it was happy outside??? your are referring to what YOU want... not the dog - there is a big difference there.

Originally Posted by mona_b
As for the comment about going to a shelter.A shelter will NOT let you adopt out an animal,especially if it's a dog that will live outside 24/7....So no,they will not be happy to adopt out to rescuekitty.And that I have seen being done at the shelter.A few people tried to adopt.But when they said the dog was going to live outside,they were denied the adoption.

And I would rather have my dogs alone in the house,then alone outside.
Not all shelters are the same... the ones I helped in (all SPCA) did not have that rule... however that was not my comment... my comment was that the dog would be happier with a loving outdoor home. Many of those dogs in shelters everywhere are distroyed every year just because no home can be found and there is not enough space to keep them all - I would personally rather see those dogs go to loving, responsible outdoor homes.

I agree a dog on a short chain 24/7 is cruel... but I don't think it cruel to be on a chain for short periods of time (my mom's dog is because she would not respect the collar fence and she lives near a busy highway), nor to I think it cruel for them to be outside 24/6 loose - be it on a farm or in a good sized contained area (only to be kept from harm). JMO you are welcome to yours... but I think it is wrong to berate a loving animal owner because her views are not yours.