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"if 87 cats and dogs rescued and adopted out since last August means anything"

I think that is fantastic! If you have rescued and adopted out 87 dogs and cats from neglect, abandonment or malnurishment, if you have rescued dogs and cats from homes such as rescuekitties I feel bad for the owners.

I had a kitten once that was not litter trained. I phoned the vet, shelters, anyone I could, to seek advise on how to train him. I made one fatal call to an animal rescue group. I did not know it was a rescue group because they hid under a legit name. The woman I dealt with was ready to come and take my cat put in her garage...until it learned to use the litter. I refused. I had to threaten this woman with harrasement before she left me alone, she was accusing me of all sorts of awful things. My cat, bless his heart, lived to be 8 years old, and passed on 2 months ago due to heart disease, to the day he died he still had accidents. I could have had him put to sleep because he was a "dirty cat", I could have sent him to live in a garage with a crazed woman, but no, I loved him and tolerated his shortcoming in life.

This little story is only menat to represent some of the rescuers bad judgment. Had I handed my cat over, what would his fait have been? I can only assume that he would have lived out his days in a cold garage punished, by a so called animal lover, for his shortcoming.