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Lucky Rescue you just won yourself an open invitation to our barn. We don't have any animals, small that is, that aren't fixed. My neighbors and I have more problems with irresponsible city cat owners not spaying their cats and dumping them in trashbags out on our country roads than we do with our own cats. As the cities are all to quickly moving into our country areas we also have a huge problem with greenhorns (city folks) moving out here thinking that if you own any kind of acreage you can have all the animals you want and just let them run wild...dogs and cats both. The cats that are dumped make me want to throttle the owners for their cruelty...and the dogs that are abandoned out here saddens me even more so as often times they are eventually shot for attacking livestock as they try to survive out here on their own....just a real tragedy for them all one way or another. I personally hate seeing what the term "barn cat" has now been transposed into meaning. The "barn cats" you are talking about are more than likely NOT actual barn cats. Also we've got 2 cats in their teens and as I don't think we are unique I have to wonder at how someone in here determined that a "barn cat" had a life expectancy of around 5 years/that doesn't seem to be the norm for us. "Barn cat" has become somewhat a cliche' these days I guess and is probably 90% of the time used improperly. Seems most times when I see an ad for someone giving out free kittens they call them "Free Barn Cats" as I'm guessing they are under the misconception that somehow a barn cat requires less attention and care than a normal cat...which of course is just bull. We don't have any "fad" barn cats....our cats ARE barn cats.

The problem we have today with there being an overflux and hence need to put down so many dogs and cats each year isn't because of city people, and it isn't because of us ranchers either, what it IS is a direct result from irresponsible pet owners and there are no geographical boundries to where they happen to live/they can be found everywhere. Most times when we've had visitors they tend to comment on how our animals live better than most people do/they want to come live with lets not generalize and unfairly descriminate against barn cats huh?