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Originally Posted by LuckyRescue
IAnd the barn cats I've seen were anything but "healthy and happy". They were ridden with parasites, having one litter after another, malnourished, injured from fights and all intact. We have trapped, neutered and treated MANY of them.
Well... bravo and thank your for your rescue efforts.... that is wonderful... but considering that you do rescue cats and such, it is not at all surprizing that your only experiance with barn cats has been what it has.... the ones that are well cared for and healthy do not need rescuing and if rescue is your only reason to encounter barn cats (many of the rest of us posting have horses - barn cats are a normal thing) you would never see the happy health ones.

But you need to realize that... your experiance is not the norm. Many if not most barn cats are happy and healthy.. and most are rescues of a sort - many people dump their unwanted house cats at a barn.... that's where most of ours came from.

My point here is everyone was quite harsh on this thread and most of it is from and uneducated/unexperianced view... you can not use your experiance of seeing rescue barn kittys as your source of info on all outdoor animals.