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We are not talking about working farm/ranch dogs.

I grew up on my Aunts farm.Well sort of.I spent my weekends and summers there.And I am still a country girl at heart.My aunt raised 5 Great Danes,A Newfie and a St.Bernard.Had Horses,Cows,and Chickens.These were NOT working dogs.But ALL 7 dogs slept indoors at night.And these are large dogs.Yes they spent alot of time outside.But so did we.The front door was always open during the day.So they went in and out as they pleased.

My sister is on a farm with 3 Huskies and a Border Collie.Yes the BC does work.She helps with the cows.But she does not stay outside 24/7..A cat that she had never seen gave birth in the barn.

Yes,if a pup is raised ONLY outdoors,then it will not be to happy being indoors.BUT,they can slowly be brought indoors.She kept this dog outside from the age of 3 months.And it is now 10 years old.

ladybug01.One of my dogs is a retired police dog.He was my brothers partner.He lived in the house as part of the family.Tron never lived outside in a kennel.Same goes for his new partner.These are working dogs.But when the shift is over.They are pets and part of the family.And sleep in a cozy warm house.

As for the comment about going to a shelter.A shelter will NOT let you adopt out an animal,especially if it's a dog that will live outside 24/7....So no,they will not be happy to adopt out to rescuekitty.And that I have seen being done at the shelter.A few people tried to adopt.But when they said the dog was going to live outside,they were denied the adoption.

And I would rather have my dogs alone in the house,then alone outside.
"A dog can express more with his tail in minutes than his owner can express with his tongue in hours."